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What is Duo Boosting Overwatch?

Duo Boosting Overwatch allows you to get Skill Rating in Overwatch faster by playing with one of our professional boosters.

You don’t need to provide any details of your account as booster will play on his smurf account.

The prices are a bit too expensive, any other options?

You can also try our Solo Queue Overwatch Elo Boost option – it is cheaper & you will get your desired Skill Rating faster than in a Duo.

Do I need to play on a different server to Duo Queue?

No, we assign a booster from your region so both of you will have a good & comfortable time while playing.

Can I know who is my booster?

Unfortunately for our customers, we keep this information private.

However, you can be pretty sure that all of our boosters are super-experienced Overwatch professionals playing on top level ranks daily.

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