Frequently Asked Questions

Overwatch Boost



Managed by professionals. We know every aspect about Overwatch & Boosting Process. If we accept your order, it will be done without any exceptions.

You only pay right before we start. You can make an order without any payments. After processing your order, we will contact you once we have a booster available (avg. time is 5-15 minutes) with details regarding payment & account unlock.

Our prices are below average. We are always looking for ways to make our service more affordable for our customers. You will also get a special discount coupon for each order (soon!)

We don’t split our focus. Currently our one and only priority is Overwatch Boosting and we are doing our best to make our service better each day.


Will my account be safe?

The answer is YES 🙂

Our reputation means a lot more than a price of one or two accounts stolen as we already boosted more than 500+ accounts. Most of our Boosters are helping to rank up your accounts full-time working with dozens of accounts daily, so none of us are interested in any kind of bad intentions.

Your payments are also protected by PayPal and you can restore access to your Battle.Net Account anytime using secret question / answer details.

We only ask you for your Battle.Net Login, Password and Authenticator Code to access your account. We will never ask you to provide secret questions / answer details, so your account is 100% safe.

How can I check the progress of my order?

Sure, please check the ‘Ongoing Boosts’ section on our main page 🙂

Also you can find out the status of your order by messaging us in Live Chat.

Do you use any hacks or cheats?

Our boosters surely do not use any kind of third-party software to assist them while boosting.

Also Kill Cam & Play of The Game mechanics of Overwatch are making it almost impossible to not get banned while using any kind of sofware.

Do you sell any kind of warranty and do you use VPN?

We can truly say that none of the accounts we assisted with got noticed or banned by Blizzard so far, so paying for that option or VPN service would be a complete waste of money for you.

However, we monitor the situation daily and will work on a solution if that kind of problem appears.



What is the rank of my booster?

We are extremely proud to say that our boosters are professionals. Needless to say that all of them are Grandmasters & Top 500 players from different regions. Also some of them are current or retired professional Overwatch players.

What servers do you play on?

Currently we work on the following servers – NA, EU & Asia

Will you chat with my friends in Battle.Net?

You can be pretty sure that our boosters will not respond to any messages from users in your friend list.

Will you open any Loot Boxes on my account?

No, our boosters will not open any Loot Boxes before / after boosting process.

Can I play any games on my account during boost?

Sure, you can log in to your Battle.Net account and play any games (except Overwatch).

How can I pause boost?

Just send us a message using Live Chat or Skype to pause the boost and enjoy playing Quick Matches 🙂


How do I pay?

You can just make an order – it doesn’t require payment – and we will contact you using the details you specified once we have a booster available by Skype or E-Mail — to send all the information about payment, also we will schedule boosting process time that is comfortable for you.

Why don't you have auto payments?

We don’t want our customers to pay and wait while we’re finding an available booster. You only pay when we contact you right before your booster starts to play.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we only work with PayPal payments to guarantee safety for you as a customer and us as a seller.

Why your prices are so expensive?

Currently our prices are lower than average on the Overwatch Boosting market.

You can find out more information in our article here.

Are there any discounts for future orders?

Yes, we do provide discounts — don’t hesitate to mention that during your orders.