What We Expect

No Software

Using any third-party software is not allowed.

Be Social & Polite

Good level of English to speak with our lovely customers is a must.

Pros in Everything

No matter what position you apply for. Be honest and reliable.

Be Customer-Oriented

A game to get final 1-2 points shouldn’t sound like a drama for you.

Be a Man of Your Word

So both of us will feel confident.

No toxicity

Even if you type bad words in chat you press ‘Esc’ instead of ‘Enter’.

Opened Positions



PC, PS4 & Xbox Boosters - Season 5
  • Top 500 in Any Season
  • Be Customer-Oriented, Friendly
  • Up to Play Duo Queue (on your own accounts – not required, but preferred)
  • Up to Stream Your Gameplay (not required, but preferred)
  • Ready to Play at least 2 hours per day

Apply as Booster

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