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What is Placement Games?

Placement Games decide how high you will be placed in the beginning of each Overwatch Season.

You only have 10 games so more games you win – more Skill Rating you will receive in the end.

What win ratio is guaranteed?

We guarantee 70% win ratio on every Placement Matches order (7 wins at least) if your previous Season rank was Unranked or below Platinum.

If our booster will lose more than 3 games on your account (which is below Platinum tier), then we will make a compensation by providing a full refund.

What information do I need to provide?

First of all, our booster will need your Battle.Net Login & Password in order to log in to your account (they are in your order form).

Then, if you have Battle.Net Authenticator enabled, you will need to approve the log in of our booster on your mobile application.

If your Authenticator is disabled, you will receive an E-Mail associated with your Battle.Net Login with the code that our booster needs to finish the log in process.

Please note – Authenticator Code and Secret Question & Answer are not the same things. Code simply allows a user from a different PC to access your in-game account. Secret Question & Answer details allow you to change your account password and retrieve access to it anytime.

We will never ask you for your Secret Question & Answer info.

Is there any way to boost by playing with me?

Yes, our booster is able to play Placements with you on his own account, but in that case we do not guarantee a 70% win ratio.

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